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Our Mentality.
At Skyline, we have the mindset of willingness to do what it takes to get through hardships and thrive. On a personal level, everyone is trying to get to that next level in their lives whether they’re struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  As an employer, we strive to only hire people who desire to learn and progress themselves in all aspects of life. We want people who want to figuratively “get out of their own basements” whatever that may be.
Does it come in Red?
We love our company color because it stands out, it’s energizing, and it motivates us to take action.  The color literally means energy, strength, power and passion.  Skyline can’t exist without people with RED mindsets who make it the amazing company that it is.
“Heyyy Bob…”
We learned the valuable lesson that repeatedly calling someone else to fix a problem wasn’t going to solve it properly and that we had to create our own systems and processes if we ever wanted to grow. At Skyline, we hire people with a drive to make things better and a desire to problem solve and create solutions.