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our mission.
To create sustainable independence.
our story.

Kyle Larsen and Scott Knudsen saw the need for a solar company that empowers its clients, emphasizes excellent customer care, and helps its employees progress, not only in the workplace but in all aspects of life. Skyline Solar was founded and built on these principles.

Like any new company, we had to begin somewhere and Skyline started in a cold, unfinished basement. It took drive and determination but we dug ourselves out of the basement after 5 months. This has taught us the mindset that it takes to get through hardships and thrive. On a personal level, everyone is trying to get to that next level in their lives; whether they’re struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. As a company, we want to empower our clients and employees to figuratively “get out of their own basements” whatever that may be. We believe that solar power empowers people by giving them energy independence, environmental responsibility, and monetary freedom.

breathe easy.

We live on an amazing planet. No matter where you live – from the forests of Oregon to the plains of Indiana – you can see breath-taking views and beautiful sunsets, which give us a daily reminder to take care of our environment. Skyline Solar provides the unique opportunity for families to do their part and change the world.

Skyline Solar is working to make a drastic change in the communities we live and work in. Skyline has teamed up with local tree farms in your community where we donate our time, energy and resources to plant trees – doing our part to eliminate the harmful pollution that plagues our planet. For every solar installation we complete, our team will plant two trees near that community. Together, Skyline Solar, your family and these trees can offset (literally) tons of carbon emissions and help us all breathe easy.

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Address: 663 W. State St Unit #3, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
Phone: (855) 475-9765
Hours: 9AM–9PM

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