1. Solar panels (do not) drain the sun’s energy

solar drains

2. The ‘Energy Wasters’ are Marvel’s most compelling villains


Can we all agree that Captain America looks better clean shaven?

3. Life is better with renewable energy conspiracy theories

renewable energy

4. Solar fashion: solving first world problems

Business in the front

solar on the back.

5. If you only knew the ‘solar’ power of the Dark Side


The Galactic Empire gets a bad rap. Sure, they destroy planets and commit frequent genocide, but they are advocates of renewable energy and care about the environment. Their TIE fighter ships are powered by solar (verified by Star Wars cannon). They have solar panels on both sides of the wings. Each empire star destroyer contains at least seventy-two TIE fighters, and the empire had 25,000 star destroyers at the height of it’s power.

Does the Jedi Order care about the environment?

You tell me.

6. When fake news is a little too real

7. There’s an intense competition for the best apocalypse themed energy commercial



(I’d be totally fine with a yarn-pocalypse FYI)

8. Nope


solar snake

9. This Solar Energy Rap isĀ Image result for fire emoji

(0:22) And it’s yours too ’cause without it you could do almost nothing

Ice all on the planet, too cold to bake muffins

(0:38) Solar Energy was the first Energy Source

It was in use before Jesus was born

(0:45) It has caused the melting of the ice also known as the ICE Age

I think the Polar Bears will die of rage

10. YouTube only charges $1.99 to watch the Captain Planet episode ‘Isle of Solar Energy’–and it’s worth every penny

11. That Time Solar Energy Ads Were Super Offensive

12. A story sadder than Marley and Me

13. One of the best solar installations you’ll ever see

14. We all have a Solar Sam in our life

15. Joking aside, going solar will save you money